Thursday, April 10, 2008

My Jewellery Photo Album

My Photo Album

Last year I decided to make a range of jewellery linked to personal memories. I created what I called 'My Photo Album' where I took old photos of special people in my life and set them into jewellery, with a verse that I relate to that person or memory, engraved on the back.

This developed from the concept of the locket, where one carries or wears a photo or something special close to their heart.

I set the photos in 'liquid glass' and mounted them
in sterling silver frames.
^ Pendants of my mother and father

^ Brooch of my Grandparents

This pendant captures memories from my childhood in Zimbabwe.
I felt these memories needed to be captured and set because it is
no longer the country I remember it to be and is no longer the
home of my past, so this piece was almost a preservation of what
is left of the Zimbabwe I know.

I set a section of the old Zim $2 note, with a sketch of an orchid
flower over.

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