Friday, May 9, 2008

Clay -> Wax -> Silver

I've been having so much fun with a new technique I came across. What I like about it is that it allows one the freedom to play and explore the matter they're working with and literally be able to 'draw' your pattern straight onto the metal. I found it quite therapeutic and love the layered affect. I really enjoy the element of surprise at the end because you never know exactly how the outcome is going to turn out...I like that!
You basically press, draw or imprint whatever you like into a piece of rolled out clay. You then pour some melted wax onto the clay and press it across the patters with the palm of your hand, pressing the wax into the dents. Once the patterned wax flakes are all peeled off, they are invested and cast in silver and TA DA!!!

Wax elements to be cast

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christy said...

Your designs are lovely! And your pictures of them are quite artsy, too, which I love! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

--your fellow Christy