Sunday, June 1, 2008


Layers.... could they be described as many different elements combined to make one entity? The dictionary describes a layer as a depth or level, I like that! Layers create depth...or I'm not so sure if they 'create' it as such, but rather assure that there is depth, that there is something beneath.

I like to relate this concept to people, and life in general really...we all know onions have layers! but have you actually sat and pealed away at all those layers to find what lies in the centre? Eventually you arrive at nothing! So in reality it's the layers that actually make up the onion! Is this not true with people and cercumstances? We try so hard to peal off all the layers in our lives and in situations to look 'deeper' for what's in the core and 'find ourselves' but is it not all those influences and characteristics that are the very things that define us and represent who we are?

According to the thesaurus, a synonym for layer is story. I think it is a very apt word and think it could lead me in some form of direction with my jewellery....layered jewelery as a representation of my story perhaps?

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