Monday, August 18, 2008

emotive references

At the moment I am busy sourcing up references that will lead me to my next phase of manufacture. There is a lot building up that I am excited for, I'm just struggling to find the energy to put the motivation into action....

I found a flicker page today by confusedvision with photo's that really tugged at something inside me! I think they are so beautiful in the way they have such an immense emotive quality! I am no photographer or expert in the field in any way, but the use of composition, colour, and textures in the scenes are captivating! I also feel like the pictures have a 'painted' quality about them.

Here are just a few, but I recommend checking out the site!



1 comment:

Fusion said...

Beautiful photos. The first two make me think that I should have a depressed feeling.(they are broken down houses and should be upsetting) and yet the warmth of the lighting makes it almost comforting.