Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Platinum Bangle

I am busy working on a piece for AngloPlat, and the theme of the competition is Aniverssaries. I decided to celebrate the anniversary of New Life and so I wanted my design to have lots of flowing lines, freshness, life, patterns and layers. So I began by designing this pattern...

Because I am working in platinum, I needed to cut the pattern out of steel, which I then roll milled onto the platinum. I was quite surprised at how much the steel distorted and how insipid the pattern came out on the plat! This is the steel piece...

So, I was left with a long strip of very thin, faintly patterned platinum that I had to turn into something beautiful...hmm! After playing around with the piece, folding it and bending it I decided I was going to make a pendant, but after bending it around my wrist I realized it would work well as a bangle.

So then I worked with introducing layers which I did using a piece of etched silver but was a little stumped at how to attatch the layers together. Originally I thought bout using forged wires soldered to the two plates to connect them, but was worried about the different melting points of the silver and platinum. So I decided to try sewing them together with fine silver wire! This would also introduce another kind of layering, but very subtle. It proved to be a lot harder than I thought but, with alot of patience, it worked out ok.

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