Thursday, April 17, 2008


I recently happened apon a beautiful silver teaspoon that had belonged to my late grandmother. Immediatedly it brought back wonderful memories of my younger days spent at my Grandparents' ; old large Rhodesian houses with beautiful wooden furnature and ornamentaions of all sorts influenced by a covetted British upbringing. A mixture of beautiful porcelain china and silverware, with rustic lampshades and dusty Zimbabwean landscapes.....all this from a little teaspoon .
I was very drawn to a beautiful motif imbedded into the spoon and have been inspired by it considerabley in terms of designs for my jewellery, and my journey in exploring different ways of ornamentation in jewellery.

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Chris said...

Christy .... those memories feel like they should be accompanied by sketches and old photo's... any chance of that?